The New Flame is a hint at the famous magazine called Flame, which was founded and edited in 1919 by Miroslav Krleza and August Cesarec. Between 2007 and 2016 it was published as a magazine, and from may 2016 it continued to exist as an Online Journal. This change is not only technical, but it also includes certain changes in concept.

The New Flame is a leftist Online Journal, which means that although its authors differ in their views, ideological and political alike, they consider themselves to be leftists. In that sense, the New Flame isn't weighed down and limited by ideological discipline, but rather it provides opportunity for different authors to present and defend their arguments.

On this pluralistic ground, the New Flame represents basic democratic values and those values inherited by the Enlightement, identify key factors that challenge their survival and rethinks the means of achieving an authentic and integral political, social and economic democracy. The New Flame focuses its attention especially on the questions of human rights and democratic freedoms, workers' and civilian participation, international reconciliations and tolerance, antifascism and progressive peaceful politics. In the broad sense, the New Flame advocates the improvement and promotion of cultural values of humanistic civilization.

The goals of Novi Plamen are multiple:

- To offer up information about current social and political events on the Yugoslav and world scale;

- To inform about currents in workers' movements and various leftist movements;

- To provide theoretical and political analysis of different social and political questions, both those which are current and those with which authors engage in for a short or long period of time;

- To develop a fruitful discussion on various questions among intellectuals and activists, both on abstract and theoretical level, and concrete and historical one.

Articles on the Online Journal ought to contribute to obtaining a deep and multidimensional insight into socio-political currents, to achieving a clearer understanding of important questions and to improve leftist activism. Having that said, the Online Journal will not publish only articles, but also interviews with activists of workers' movements and different leftist movements.

The New Flame doesn't reflect views of any organized group, political party or movement, only of its editorial board and of its individual texts. However, the editorial board doesn't insist on publishing only those articles with which it fully agrees, rather it also includes those texts which don't directly contradict its editorial politics. In that sense, the New Flame doesn't accept texts which promote nationalism, xenophobia, cult of personality and authoritarian, patriarchal and homophobic views, and it also excludes texts which celebrate capitalism, both in economic and social sense.

Upholding the attitude of Krleza that ``the Croatian and Serbian language are one in the same, except that Croatians call it Croatian, and Serbians Serbian``, the New Flame will publish texts in their original form, without ``translating`` them, having in mind that all people with ``good intentions`` understand that ``demokratija`` means the same thing as ``demokracija`` and the other way around, maintain language pluralism and equality of official and standard South Slavic languages in that way.


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